How to Stay Healthy in Travel

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One motivation that everyone usually has when traveling is to release some stress and to get out from routine activities. But, what if you get sick while traveling? Of course, you would not be able to enjoy the travel anymore. It may ruin your plan to have fun; moreover it may force you to stop traveling and go home.

Here I will share you some tips that are really useful to stay healthy while traveling.

1. Eat selectively
Culinary is one thing that people are usually looking for when visiting new places. Different kind of food may attract your appetite and curiosity at the same time. But, be careful! Be selective on what you are eating. First of all, make sure that the food meets the hygiene criteria. Secondly, check what the food is made of, especially when you are allergic to some ingredients. Always keep your healthy eating habit. Don't forget to have fruits and vegetables on your meals. Last but not least, do not eat too much. Something nice can be bad if you over consume it.

2. Keep your personal hygiene
When you are on travel, you cannot isolate yourself from other people. You are close to them, talk to them, and even touch them. These people might be sick at the moment and you don't want to get infected. First of all, try to reduce those kinds of contacts with people you don't know. Besides, wash your hands as often as you need to keep them clean. Prepare alcohol contained wet tissues and hand sanitizer to clean your hands up when you are not able to wash them. This is very effective to keep your hygiene and prevent yourself from viruses.

3. Don't forget your personal medicine
For you who need routine personal medication, don't forget to bring those medicines when traveling and consume them as required. You might find it hard to buy medicines in other places, especially when you are going abroad. You don't want to waste your time by doing so as well.

4. Prepare vitamins
Traveling might be tiring as well. As you find a new place interesting, you might not realize that you already explored the place over your physical limit. Vitamin C is really good to keep your stamina. It also prevents you from getting sick easily. Consume 500 mg of vitamin C per day is effective to keep you up.

5. Have enough sleep
Don't ever compromise your sleeping time, even when traveling. Always give yourself sufficient time to sleep as much as you usually have. It does not matter if you have to sleep on a plane, a bus, a train, or even a hotel. The point is you can rest your body and mind.

Have a nice travel and stay healthy!

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How to Stay Healthy in Travel

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This article was published on 2010/03/29