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Kedarnath is a one of the greatest pilgrim centers. It is holy place of Hindus.

Gourikund is a small but busy town. It is the last point to which the vehicle can go to reach the shrine of Kedarnath. We stayed in a hotel which was wholly made of strong wood. The river Mandakini was roaring behind our hotel.

We decided to go on foot on 16 kilometers, long winding path. Horses, palanquins etc. were available there. These were used by old and weak personas.

We started at about 6 am the next morning. The hilly path gradually went up and soon we saw river Mandakini far below us. There are ``Chattis’’ (small shops) all through the way. We often stopped at these shops and took tea or water. Snacks are also available at these shops but their price is just triple or more than the usual mount. This is due to the difficulty in getting supply from the valley. Some of them offer shelter for the night ad change money for that.

There is a circuitous main road and many short cuts. The confusing maze of steep pathways brings forth the risk of getting lost.

We took very light meal and started again.

The path was steeper and the icy winds were blowing. At last we came to a valley. The view was heart captivating.

We were feeling as if enjoying the beauty of heaven or land of gods.

Kedarnath was on the opposite side cradled in the lap of majestic ice- caped mountains.

We crossed Mandakini River by a hanging bridge. It rocked so much that we were afraid we would go crashing into the icy water. However nothing bad or harmful happened. We reached Kedarnath at 2 p.m.

As we reached there a Smiling local inhabitant (``panda’’ in local language) welcomed us and arranged for our flooding and lodging. In the evening we saw ``Mangala Arati’’ at the temple. It was a very grand and beautiful scene. There is good attracting to look. I like very so much.

The Kedarnath temple is made of stone. It is said to have been constructed by the famous Pandv brothers on their way to heave.

The temple its surroundings gave us very soothing, peaceful and spiritual feelings. We can never forget that feelings throughout our lives. A famous writer was rightly said ``A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’’ and temple Kedarnath contains that eternal beauty.


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Visit Kedarnath temple- North India

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Visit Kedarnath temple- North India

This article was published on 2011/01/03